Future Directions is a peer run organization that offers multiple paths of recovery including peer facilitated support groups, an arts and crafts program, and a drop-in center.  Here, our members can talk about issues that are important to them, like social, work, or coping skills.  We also have recreation areas like our fitness room, television lounge, and table games space with air hockey and ping pong.

Our staff and members creatively fashion all the group topics, like Depression During the Holidays or Living Single.  Our arts and crafts have everything from making old fashioned wood toys to painting ceramics.  We have all supplies and tools for knitting, crocheting, leather working, beading, canvas painting, and other kinds of projects.

There are several guidelines that must be adhered to when attending our program as outlined by Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio and the CDC. We will be comping with such so be prepared to do so as well when you visit.

Reduced Capacity, Spacing
• Limit any services delivered in groups to 12 individuals per group.
• This limit does not include employees or staff who are assisting the individuals.
• Groups must comply with social distancing requirements, including by maintaining 6-foot social distance.
• To the extent feasible, use cohorting of participants to minimize the risk of disease spread and adverse health outcomes. Cohorting is the practice of gathering participants together as a group who eat, travel, and participate in activities and services together.
• Facilities must determine cohorts, not to exceed 12 individuals, and assign the same staff to the cohort throughout the day.
• This limit does not include employees or staff who are assisting the individuals.

• Implement Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.
• Regularly clean high-touch surfaces.
• Maintain adequate inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies, and equipment.
• Establish hand-washing or a sanitization station at facility entrance. Require everyone to use upon entering and exiting the facility.
• Make sanitizer available throughout the facility.
Schedule for September 13th through September 17th

09:00 = OPEN
12:00 = CHECK-IN

01:00 = MOVIE MONDAY! - The Karate Kid

01:00 = ANXIETY - Everything you wanted to learn about this.
02:00 = LABELS CAN HURT - How to break out of yours.

01:00 = HELPING OTHERS - How to help without enabling.
02:00 = TAPPING INTO IMAGINATION - Use it for creative purposes.

01:00 = AUTHENTIC SELF - When you are true to yourself.
02:00 = KEEPING YOUR MIND SHARP - Tips for a strong mind.

01:00 = CREATING BOOKMARKS - A fun crafting project.
02:00 = BINGO - Up, Down, Across, or Diagonal wins!

A non-profit mental health and peer wellness drop-in center.

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